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  • Arde Alapaha Kennels

    Member since: 04/25/2018

    Breed(s): Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
    Location: USA
    Services: Stud Services Available

    Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our beautiful Alapaha Bulldogs will be your protector and your best friend! We have 5 pups, 3 1/2 weeks old now. We are taking deposits now! Marti (Mother): Confident, Stable Personality, Easily Trainable, Strong Tracking Ability, Muscular-Athletic Body, Highly Aware of Surroundings (do to keen sense of smell), No Dog or Food Aggression, Grand Champion and Champion Lineage from US & European Blood Lines Ozzie (Father): Loving and Affectionate, Sleek-Athletic Body, Forms Strong Family Bonds, Hard-Working , No Dog or Food Aggression, Excellent Sight and Hearing, High Drive, Easily Trainable, Starting IPO 1 Training We have 2 Males, and 3 Females. All with Blue Eyes

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